COVID-19 Recommendations


Maakestad Family Full Statement

Presented at the ACA Board of Directors Meeting 9/16/2021



ACA Monthly COVID-19 Cases

This 2021-2022 school year (green) compared to last 2020-2021 school year (blue)



ACA’s COVID Cases 2020-2021 vs. Other Districts

Chart showing ACA’s COVID rankings last year compared to other districts


Midlothian ISD’s COVID-19 Tiered System

Accountability based on percentage of active cases

Midlothian Sample


Midlothian ISD’s COVID-19 Dashboard

Easy to read, green = acceptable, yellow = increased percautions, red = all safeguards in place

Midlothian Dashboard


Grand Prairie ISD’s COVID-19 Dashboard

Easy-to-read dashboard with all information in one place

Grand Prairie Dashboard


McKinney ISD’s COVID-19 Safeguards

Encourages specific safeguards


McKinney Page


Texas Coronavirus Antibody REsponse Survey (Texas CARES)

Study of antibody levels in Texans

CARES Information


Texas CARES Current Data

All data to date: study ends 9/17/2021

CARES Dashboard


Texas CARES Data Explanation

How to read the CARES dashboard

CARES Explanation


Natural vs Vaccine Antibodies

Clear explanation of the differences

Antibodies Explanation


Dr. Hunter's Recommendations

Former Army psychologist, speaking on “COVID May Come In Waves, But The Mental Fatigue Is Constant. Here’s How To Protect Your Mind” (KERA, 9/14/2021):



Reference Files

Location to download Excel documents and other files used for this review

Dropbox Folder